Sunday, October 5, 2008

WE MADE IT, newbie rides at bottom of post


Ellen and I and Eileen and her hubby Ron all completed the 100 miles and came in by 4:30 pm. We started at 7 am and took every rest stop which were placed at every 20 miles.

The day was beyond beautiful, no wind and cool. Over 6000 riders were all on the roads and having fun. I saw riders of all types and ages. Lots of ladies on the road as well. All riders were courteous and obeyed good riding rules.

Unfortunately I have few pics as my camera got so dirty you cannot see what I was photographing. Got a few pics and Eileen sent me some from her phone. My hands got quite dirty as I had a flat and then stepped onto a Power Bar and had to get it out of my cleat. So my hands were sticky and black.

So my camera lens was covered in gunk! oh well

But we had a blast, I AM DEFINITELY planning on doing this ride again next  year. So I am throwing down the challenge now. I would love to see lots of chicks at this ride. It is beyond fun and not that hard to do. It is as flat as a pancake. There are rest stops every 20 miles. We just biked 20 miles, then stopped. Biked another 20 miles and stopped. So that made the ride very doable. This was Ellen's mindset and trust me, it helped greatly.

The food at the rest stops was not so good.  Will be better prepared next year.There is a place to buy lunch at the lunch stop but Ellen and I did not find it. Ron and Eileen did. Again, live and learn.

But for two newbies to  century riding, Ellen and I, did spectacular. We averaged near 14 mph for the 100 miles.

Not sure how Ellen is this Sunday morning, but I woke and felt fine and took my dogs for an hour walk. I did make a critical mistake at the ride and did not drink enough water. Will not make that mistake again.

SO LADIES, join me next year. It is really fun. Make it a goal for your cycling season next year. All you ladies sitting at home afraid to bike, all I got to say is  " why"??

Why are you afraid to bike. I am an old lady, nearing 60. If I can do it, anyone can. There are tons of ladies out there in Chester County, afraid to join the Biker Chicks, afraid we are too fast, afraid they cannot do it. If  you never bike with us, you are missing one fine time.

Thanks Ellen and Eileen and Ron for joining  me on this fun event. 

Thursday morning ride, Oct 9 10 am, posted below is for NEWBIES as well as a recovery ride for me. Meet at Shaws Bridge, get your fanny on your bike and come. We will do about 25 miles or less depending on who shows up and how I feel on Thursday.

Saturday's ride October 11 8:40 am is also changed. We will do cue# 161

This ride is 38 miles and we can pick up folks at Shaws Bridge and then the ride is about 28 miles.  Please come out. Please try to ride your bike.


Elaine said...

Libby, Ellen, and Eileen - Great job on your accomplishment! I was thinking about you all day. Great weather too. When I join you next year, there may be a storm cloud. Congrts!


Libby Maxim said...