Sunday, October 19, 2008

Upcoming Events for Chicks

1. Wednesday Oct 22 7:00 pm Hot Foot Cycles is doing a professional bike fitting for Viktor Ohnjec, he is inviting any and all to come watch it and get some ideas about how your own bike fits  you. If you are riding and get lower back pain, shoulder pain or knee pain, you probably have a bike that does not fit you well. This clinic is YOUR ANSWER to that problem. It is FREE. Just go and watch and learn.

2. Bike Maintenance Clinic- date and time to be announced, clinic will focus on 3 things and have 3 stations, tire changing, chain maintenance at one station, chain repair at another and how to fix a broken cable at another. More details to come. We were out yesterday and had a chick suffer a broken cable, and I have been out riding and had someone have a broken chain. So we need to raise the bar in our ability to take care of oursevles on the road.

3. Saturday morning Biker Chick Ride, October 26, meet at Betzwood Bridge Parking lot at 8:30 am. We will bike all they way around the Art Museum. This ride is very fun, MLK Drive and Kelly Drive are closed to cars, so it is fun fun fun to bike on the roads and not have to worry about cars. Only road biking with cars will be in Manyunk. WILL STOP on the way back at the Couch Tomato for rest and snacks. This ride is taking the place of the usual Saturday morning ride from Hot Foot.

Directions to Betzwood, take Rt 202 north to the RT 422 west exit, take rt 422 to the Trooper Exit, bear left and keep going left even though it looks like you cannot go left.

Follow the road around to the parking lot, you will see lots of parked cars, so GET there EARLY or we will leave without you. Meet at the bathroom. Red brick building. Leave at 8:45 am SHARP.

Get  your fanny out of bed next saturday and come bike. FIND the time. Get a babysitter if you have too, get hubby to take the kids, whatever it takes, COME BIKE.

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