Monday, October 20, 2008

BIKE CLINIC Sunday Oct 26

BIKE CLINIC, you must email me if you are comimg, if no emails, NO clinic!

October 26 at my house 206 E Virginia Ave WC boro

If you want to learn to change a tire, come at 4:30 pm SHARP with your bike. I will teach you how to change a tire and how to clean your chain. Bring old Tshirts for cleaning chain.

If you want to learn how to fix a cable and or chain, come at 5:30 sharp and viktor of WCCC will give us lessons.

Posted below is what you need for chain and cable repair.

(If you buy a cable, make sure to tell the store the brand name of your derailleur. )

Here’s what anyone would need for chain repair, this is from Viktor:


1)       Chain tool (normal one or in a pinch the mini-tool ones)

2)       A master link or a chain pin (master link is much preferred)

3)       Patience


Here’s what you need for a cable repair:


1)       New cable (derailleur or brake – they are NOT the same, but all derailleur cables work for all derailleurs – front, back or brand and ditto for all brake cables work with all brakes (front/back or brand) to my knowledge.

2)       Hex key that fits the items you are fixing. I don’t recall the size – 5mm, most likely – to hold the cable in place

3)       Some knowledge of how to run the cable and then adjust what you are dealing with – derailleur/brake…

4)       More patience.

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