Monday, October 20, 2008

Safety First


One of the B riders in the West Chester Cycling Club had an accident while riding, he is fine now, broken collarbone and bruises. He did say that he can now see the importance of carrying a cell phone.

SO LET ME AGAIN remind chicks what you should carry BEFORE riding.

1. charged cell phone with a contact called ICE (in case of emergency) and have a number in there of someone who will answer the phone when called while you are riding!!

2. ROAD ID, type that into google, buy a good road ID bracelet or ankle band

3. Carry your driver's license and or insurance card in you bike bag

4. Speaking of bike bags, GET ONE and put 2 spare tubes in it, get an inflation system that you can use, carry money as well in bag

5. Two water bottle holders and two water bottles. Always carry more than you think you will need, carry some type of snack as well.

6. Good pack for snacks, click here

7. Attend a bike clinic and learn how to change a tire.

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