Wednesday, October 8, 2008

New bike tires by Continental

I got several flat tires this summer  and had numerous holes in my tires like the one above.

I got a flat on the Seagull Century as well. Someone recommended the Continental  Ultra Gator Skins, found them on Performance's website and they were on sale for $34 each and got $5 knocked off with a coupon on the website.

Just wanted to add as well, one of the reasons I have gotten so many flats is that I AM RIDING!!!! If  you  have never gotten a flat, you should be riding more. Or else you got the best tires ever.

Who knows but I spent a while getting those new tires on my bike. It took 8 hands to stretch them over my rims, had to get my dogs to help!

Woof woof, we did it.

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