Friday, July 29, 2011

Improving your cycling by lifting weights - for women over the age of 60

If you are past the age of 60 and have been riding your bike for a few years but are not feeling any better on the bike, do some serious lifting using your hamstrings and glutes as they guy above.If hills still destroy you and on the flats some ladies are leaving you behind, strengthening the back of your legs and butt can do wonders.

As women, we do many awful exercises that while we might feel good doing them, in actuality, they are doing nothing for us as older women.

Strengthening the glutes and hamstrings will make you stronger and more steady on your feet. My personal trainer has been working on these areas with me.

The dead lift above is one exercise I am doing. Course not with the weight of that world champion but nonetheless, with weights. I also do an exercise called the "rack pull" focusing on this same area.

My PT has me walking with weights in my hands. Today I walked with a weight above my head. Also good for the core and my aging bones.

While no woman in my health club does anything like I am doing I have found these types of exercises are beyond fun. My cycling has improved greatly and I find I can bike and bike and the hills do not destroy me as they did before. MY PT says the key for an older woman is a strong butt. The bigger and stronger it is, the better your posture and overall well being when standing up.

All my exercise are geared to improving these two main moves: the rack pull and the dead lift. Most PTs tell older women to do lots of reps with low weights. I do the opposite, less reps and more weights.

By the way, I am beyond lucky to have a son who is my personal trainer. He is not only very good but he is very tough.

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