Saturday, July 2, 2011

Biker Chicks' Graduation

CONGRATS to all my Biker Chicks and hubbies of Biker Chicks, we have all officially moved up to an average speed of 13-15 mph. For Chester County, this is a fabo pace as we do climb hills. But we are all past age 55, well most of us, there are a few chicklets in the bunch, and we all look absolutely fabulous on our bikes.

But we have been at it now for almost 5 years and finally, we are getting better. It was not for lack of trying, god knows, we gave it our all over hill and over dale.

We have biked in 100 degree heat and in cold weather and in rain. We have fallen many times getting used to cleats and have had our share of flats.

But through it all, we have gotten better. The Chicks are finally upgrading bikes and wheels and it shows now. Coasting downhills at over 30 mph, wheeeeeeee!!!

But what a group of dedicated women and men. We have no fears on 4 lane highways, take the lane with ease and squeeze through tight spots.

By golly, we are now experienced cyclists. Hats off to all of my devoted cycling friends.

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