Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dear Governor Corbett and PENN DOT

Some folks that run the Pennsylvania Transportation Department feel that using oil and chips is a fine way to resurface a road. Today I learned that PENN DOT dumped a truckload of oil and chips on some of the most scenic roads in Chester County.

The big trucks dump tons of stones and oil and make a complete mess of smooth surfaced roads. And since these are back roads, they stay in this awful condition for months before cyclists and motor cyclists can use the roads.

Not to mention the mess the stones make with the properties that abut these roads. Gravel, several inches thick, lines the roads making them near unusable for cyclists. I guess the BIKE HATERS are happy to see the roads made impassable for anything other than tractors and 4 wheel vehicles.

SO I ASK the legislature of Pennsylvania why, as citizens of this state, we have NO SAY in how the roads are surfaced? I am willing to pay for macadam. The days of thinking of Chester County as some backwater farming community are long past.

Chester County is a premier biking community. It is a premier place to live. Many motorcyclists also use these roads. I bike past magnificent homes and horse farms in Chester County. These folks cannot be happy taking their cars on these roads either. It has to ruin paint jobs and nick up the surface.

What does tar and chip do for a road? Is it a worthwhile resurface treatment and why oh why cannot we not get macadam for our roads?

Where do my taxes go? Make a special tax for road resurfacing. I am more than willing to pay it if my county's roads got paved instead of ruined for months and months.

Come on Harrisburg, get into the 21st century and use a paving material that is not dangerous for cyclists and cars alike. So Gov, come on out and take a pleasant ride on our newly ruined roads. Better come in a tank.


Nancy Kauffman said...

PennDOT maintains state roads. Local municipalities maintain the remaining. If you have a concern about state roads in your area. Contact your local PennDOT District. Usually PennDOT gives the municipality where they are paving a heads up. PennDOT has spread oil and chips on state roads
just recently in Nothern Chester County/Berks County as well as in the past. Many municipalities are now using oil and chip on rural roads that bicyclist use as well.
Becuse it is cheaper. There are different grades of backtop as well. Contact PA Walks and Bikes and voice your concern as well as Philadelphia Bike Coalition.

Libby Maxim said...

I did, left a message with the fellow in charge of resurfacing, NEVER heard back from him, sent an email,never heard back, so what is next

fmagic said...

I have to agree that oil and chip is frustrating as well. I have not been out on the roads as much as I am pretty new to road biking, but I can see where it ruins a good thing. As a driver, it is also annoying because it kicks rocks all over the place. I always thought they did the oil and chips for winter traction. While it may provide good traction in the winter, there are other ways to solve that as well. I do not know how much more expensive the alternatives are, but there has to be something better.

Libby Maxim said...

hey, i am willing to pay for macadam, if PENN DOT ever asked its paying citizens for input I am sure many would pay more if we got macadam on our roads instead of piles of gravel