Wednesday, July 20, 2011

from a fellow cyclist

Biking in Chester County, PA

Today I received a very pleasant email from a female cyclist in the Boston area. She has managed to capture my opinions on women and biking quite clearly and most likely has done a better job explaining my views than I have done. This year I am proud to say that the Biker Chicks have taken biking to a whole new level and I have inspired 2 new riders; one a fit 48 yo and one a fit 56 y0. I am happy about that.

Here is her email.... "Hi Libby,

I just spent about an hour reading through your biking blog and I LOVE your insights and your attitude about women and cycling! I am a 46 year old woman and I am in love with biking. It is my second love after running which has become more difficult to do as I age. My home is in Minneapolis but I am currently living in Boston - a far cry from the Twin Cities cycling scene. Your area looks beautiful for cycling with its rural roads and wildlife. I wish I could go riding with you!

Like you, I just don't understand the attitude of many women when it comes to cycling. They will spend a boat load of money on handbags and shoes but then want to buy a used bike from Craig's list that doesn't even fit them. Or they drive a BMW but won't invest in a nice bike to ride. And if they do, they can't change their own tire. I enjoyed reading your blog and "hearing" you voice some of the same passion for biking as well as some of the same frustration about it too. It is nice to know that I am not alone out here.

I just "subscribed" to your blog. Thanks for writing it!

Happy Riding :-)

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