Tuesday, March 2, 2010

I have always said, "put two men in a cycling group and you have a race, guaranteed!"

I have heard from some folks who think I am nuts to make way for cars on the road. Bikes have rights, bikes can be 2 abreast, bikes are just like cars. Make the cars have to take the oncoming lane to pass you.

Well from what I see, most car drivers are terrible. Running lights and stop signs, tailing too close and pretty much driving as if they are road kings and others had better move to the side.

When I see this same attitude with cyclists, I realize we have not evolved very far.

As a cyclist, if you did one kind thing on each of your bike rides, I am sure this would go a long way in changing the attitudes of the irate drivers. Pull over one time and flag a long line of cars ahead. Stop completely at stop signs and red lights. Ride single file at all times. There should never be a time when you bike 2 or more abreast. I bike with my son most times, and we never ride 2 abreast, EVER.

Appreciate how hard it is to pass a long line of cyclists riding a pace line. My son lived in Florida and biked the AIA. He said he had to stop biking with the groups as the groups became just too dangerous. We both now either bike solo or with each other. Below is a video of a large bike group in FL on the AIA, the group is called Z Motion, watch the video and try to guess what made that lady so angry. Caution, the video contains foul language.

I may be prejudiced when I talk about cyclists, but it appears to me that most of the dangerous biking takes place when large groups of men who ride in the A level groups, go out together, they take risks that they might not take if riding alone.

I have always said, "put two men in a group and you have a race, guaranteed!"

I do believe large group riding has become a problem for the cyclists and the cars. I believe we need to rethink this activity. I am not so sure it is a safe venture for clubs to promote. Small groups are OK providing the group remains aware of how they are impacting the safety of the cars. What do you think??

REMEMBER VIDEO contains foul language. Hit your mute button if offended.

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