Monday, March 1, 2010

436 miles as of March 1

With the record breaking snow this February, I did not get out as much as I wanted. I have managed to bike Jan 1 Feb 1 and March 1. My son is around 1400 miles already, so the snow did not slow him down.

Biking with snow cover is really quite beautiful especially by the numerous creeks we have here in Chester County. Today as I was coming home on rt 162 approaching Embreeville Soccer fields I spotted a blue bird. SOOOOO pretty and so nice. Yes, Spring is right around the corner. The cacophony of chirping birds was something to hear today.

The horses are venturing out and soon the Ketchup and Mustard Farm will have its foals. Last year the foals numbered in the 20s.

I am going for 1000 miles by the end of March. Any time you want to bike, pop me an email and join me.

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