Monday, June 20, 2011

Move out of the 19th century, LADIES

Today I was out biking by myself enjoying the sounds of birds chirping and the warm sunshine. Lo and behold, stranded on the side of the road is a fellow female cyclist with a flat tire. She had her husband on the phone and he was giving her directions on how to change a tire. Needless to say, this was futile and her tire and tube were tangled and a mess.

I stopped and pulled out my supplies and changed her tire and inflated it with my handy dandy CO2. She had a hand pump but I have yet to find any female who can manually inflate a tire past about 45lbs. Took me all of 10 seconds to inflate her tire.

She kept apologizing that she usually bikes with her husband and he changes the tires. I asked her when was the last time she updated her tubes. She did not know. Her bike chain was covered in grim and her cassette as well. Most times when these ladies tell me their boyfriends or husbands are maintaining and cleaning their bikes, I find dirty bikes with tons of issues.

My advice to you chicks of the 19th century, learn to take care of your bike and do not rely on your husband or boyfriend. There are some husbands or boyfriends who do a great job taking care of the chick's bike but most times, they do a piss poor job.

The lady above was very grateful. I hope she goes home and learns how to change a tire and cleans her bike HERSELF. I bike with ladies of all ages, rarely do I run across a woman who regularly cleans her bike and maintains her tires and tubes. COME ON LADIES, move out of the 19th century and take care of your bike.

ON A SIDE NOTE and very funny.......................

This lady kept her husband on the phone the entire time I was changing her tire. She still figured he had the best help available to her and I was probably not going to be able to change her tire.

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