Monday, June 20, 2011

3rd rant on Child Bike Trailers

The other day, I was driving on Airport Road in West Chester, PA and saw a dad with a child trailer. The road is very very busy and has a narrow shoulder. Google the road. Several industrial parks line the road. It is the main access road for a large UPS site and the only way to get to the West Chester Airport. Why in the world a dad would choose this road to take his two kids for a ride in a bike trailer is beyond my comprehension? Two kids were jammed in the trailer with no helmets or any safety features. Cars do 50 mph or more on this road.

If you feel this child bike trailer above provides safety for your precious cargo from a large UPS truck barreling by at 50 mph, you must need to have your head examined.

Adults are free to bike on any roads they choose. I support biking by adults as commuters or pleasure biking. But your child does not have this choice when you put him or her into a trailer and then bike on roads that are dangerous even for adults on bikes.

Roads that house large industrial parks tend to attract drivers rushing to and from work in their cars. Airport Road is a cut through road to access a large highway - RT 202.

It is not a safe biking road and if used by adults on bikes requires much diligence to remain safe.

Dads and Moms, please use your bike trailers on roads that are safe for pedestrians and cyclists. Choose roads with bike lanes or large wide shoulders. DO NOT choose roads where cars go over 50 pmh and have companies that use large delivery trucks.

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