Saturday, June 18, 2011

hats off to Centerville, Delaware


It's Just Chalk, But Oh What Chalk - 13th Street Bike Lane Chalked Today

We see lots of bike lanes being promoted in our cities. Philadelphia is quietly adding many bike lanes as you can see above. New York City and other cities are adding bike lanes and making city biking much easier for commuters.

But the suburbs lag way behind. I know of no suburban communities in Eastern PA with bike lanes on their major roads. My county of Chester is finally building a bike trail that has been almost 25 yrs in the making. The roads of Chester County have no bike lanes and many have no shoulders. When shoulders are available they are often littered with tree debris.

Imagine my surprise when biking on rt 52 in Centerville, Delaware. This town has spent the last year making a major highway into a bike and pedestrian friendly road. From Center Meeting Road to Burnt Mill Road is now an oasis for cyclists and walkers. This town has put beautiful sidewalks and bike lanes through its entire town. This town sits on a highway but now it is a friendly road with places for cars, bikes and joggers and walkers.

HATS OFF TO DELAWARE. This state is making its roads safer for cyclists and pedestrians. I wish my state of Pennsylvania had similar plans.

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