Wednesday, March 30, 2011

to hybrid or not

I just got another email from an excited lady who bought her first bike - a hybrid. Oh joy. Why has this become the bike of choice for ladies just getting into cycling? Why does this heavy bike become the bike of choice for women especially those over the age of 50?? I guess if you are biking in a city or on bike trails, this bike might make sense. For biking at the beach along the shoreline, a hybrid would work fine.

I rode a hybrid for years. Did not do much biking but I did bike and managed to bike hills and whatnot. But when I got a road bike, holy cow, what a difference. Lucky for me, I was given a road bike and once on one, I knew I would never go back to a hybrid.

I recently treated myself to a custom bike for my 60th birthday. To me, a worthwhile investment in my future health and well being. Now I bike often and biked 4500 miles last year. I also made a change in my gears and opted to get a triple crank. Again, the best decision for me. Since I cannot avoid hills when biking in Chester County, the triple has enabled me to tackle any hill. I drop down to my easy gear and spin my way up most hills. I now tend to tackle new roads more often and do not panic at the sight of a hill.

So old ladies - consider yourself a fit athlete and get yourself a great road bike.

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