Wednesday, March 9, 2011

cue sheets, cue sheet holders and speedometers

cue sheet

cue sheet holders

bike speedometers

Make sure when heading out the door to bike, either by yourself or with a bike club, to have the ride cue sheet with you.

Get the holder and attach the cue sheet to your bike so that you can read it WHILE biking. The cue sheet is worthless if it is in your bike bag.

Get a speedometer so that you can monitor what mile post you have passed so that you know WHERE YOU ARE!!!!!!!

The cue sheet holder is inexpensive, shop online for one and a speedometer can be had for less than $10. Make sure to buy the speedometer before you buy your bike so that the store can put it on if you cannot read directions.

If you are on a ride and you missed a turn or get dropped by your bike club group, it does help to know where you are on the cue or else the cue sheet is worthless as road signs might not be visible from where you are.

Learn how to read a map and check your cue sheet directions on a map so that you have some idea where you are going. Again, if you have to call for help, you must be able to tell the person on the phone where you are located.

I have biked with countless folks who had NO idea where we were. If they got separated from the group, they are up a creek without a paddle so to speak,

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