Tuesday, February 23, 2010

WTF is this??

I was at my doctor's this morning, we got to talking about biking. Right away I can see he wants to say something. He tells me about 2 cyclists, riding abreast, going fast and refusing to single up that he was forced to follow for some time.

If I hear about this one more time I am going to scream. Why do elite riders think they can ride however they wish? Their selfish behavior affects my safety on the road. My life on the road is affected by this type of riding.

A few weeks ago I saw two riders from my own bike club biking side by side with cars behind them. As I stated below, the cycling hatred is never going to stop if the elite riders continue to feel somehow that they are privileged and can take up as much room as they want on the road.

At this point, I am beginning to think that club sponsored large group rides are doing more harm than good. These large groups are hard to pass. Cyclists seem to have an entitlement attitude. I have every right to be on the road they say.

My own club sends out huge groups of riders. Mostly the elite groups. Sometimes as many as 20 or so riders head out in the group.

Is this the best thing for the future of cycling? Not sure.


Media.assistant said...


Just wanted to give you a heads-up on an exciting new biking article in Sierra Magazine.

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BG said...

Umm...okay. If you're talking about large groups of cyclists, then maybe you have a point. But two? Two cyclists side by side can be passed faster than two cyclists in single file. Your doctor is annoyed because he plainly thinks that no one has a right to use the full lane unless that person is in a car. Your doctor is wrong, and as a cyclist I'd like you to tell him/her so.

BG said...

So, yes, we do have every right to be on the road. It's not selfishness; it's safety. Unless you want to get really close to a deadly automobile, you should make it clear that you're using it, and that folks in cars will have to move over one full lane to pass you, just like every other slow vehicle on the road.

Libby Maxim said...


yes i agree with your suggestions on how to bike, when no shoulder i do take the lane, i take the lane when i see a poor shoulder or no shoulder, I use a rear view mirror that i monitor, was out yesterday and had to take the lane to avoid huge puddles etc, i signal when i do this and of course check the rear view mirror