Friday, February 5, 2010

gonna miss it

hope that is not my husband up there!!

Oh joy, 24 inches of snow coming to the Philadelphia area, what fun, well, maybe if you are a 10 year old. The Mid-Atlantic has been hit hard this winter. Snow fall seems to have switched this year. Instead of the north getting hard with snow, it seems to be pelting the states that do not normally get so hard. The Jersey shore has been hammered this winter.

The sand looks funny with snow on it. The big famous Atlantic City Boardwalk looks downright sad with all that snow.

I have managed to tally up over 300 miles so far this new year. Biking in sub freezing temps has become fun. Once you do it enough, it stops feeling cold. But snow changes everything. Roads are wet and with 24 inches coming, blacktop is going to be something we do not see for sometime.

But winter biking is something more should consider. It is quite comfortable as long as it is above 27. With good tights and leg warmers and a nice balaclava, and your Windstopper jacket, you are set to ride in comfort. I have found that I am improving more during the winter than in the summer. You do less miles but riding in the cold with snow scattered on the ground is really fun.

Today we saw a grey heron amongst the Canadian geese. A nice sight. My son continued on this morning and did 47 miles. We both knew this was our last ride for sometime.

Too bad, as winter biking has proven to be very fun. Gonna miss it :(

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Elaine said...

Hi Libby and Frey,

Boyd and I escaped to Punta Cana for the week. Heard we missed a ton of snow. Managed to bike on a cruiser bike down here. It was fun, but not the same as road biking. The weather is gorgeous. We will be back on Monday. Hope to see you soon.