Saturday, November 29, 2008

FABO ride today


If you have the right gear, winter biking is as fun as summer biking. I will be riding at least 2-3 times a week as long as the sun shines and it hits 35 or above, email me if you want to ride. I will post rides as well, so check this blog and or the WCCC ride page.

here is a list of what you need;

1. skull cap AND ear covers OR a balaclava, again, look on the Net for bargains

2. heavy winter biking socks

3. shoe covers

4. heavy winter gloves

5. eyewear or your eyes will tear up

6. good winter tights

7. a Gore Windstopper bright yellow jacket- use the Internet to search for one, I saw one at for $70 and I also found a coupon on the Net and got another 20% knocked off

use the Internet and do a good search, cheap bike clothes can be found on sale if you are willing to spend some time looking, also, do a search for Coupons, you would be surprised what you can find

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Kathy said...

for folks who get cold hands and/or feet I use the Grabber Foot and Hand warmers. I have been all over the Internet and the following site has the best prices right now for the hand and foot warmers.

Now if the link does not show correctly as I don't know how to embed one into this message just go to:

and search for hand warmers and toe warmers.

I use the mini hand warmers. I first put on a liner glove, then tape the mini hand warmer in place and then put on another pair of gloves. The outer gloves should be a little large to fit over all the hand warming stuff.

I also use the toe warmers:

When your feet and hands are warm the rest of you feels warm. Now I know Lib does not need these but I love them and highly recommend them for toasty warm winter riding.