Monday, November 10, 2008

Biker Chick goals for next season


We have had one fine first seaon of biking. We had lots of ladies at the beginning of the season and then lost many over the summer. Some gals bought new bikes, some did not.  I noticed throughout the summer that the good biking folks show up often and bike often. Biking becomes a priority for them. 

For next season, that is the Biker Chick Goal - Make biking a priority. You have all winter to look for a bike and get some bike clothing. Put it on your Christmas list or birthday list.

How to make biking a priority:

1. put in on your big family calendar each week

2. make it part of your exercise plan

3. get some nifty bike clothing

4. come to a bike clinic even if you do not have a bike, just come and watch

5. decide you want to be fitter and biking is the way to do it

6. go to one of the area sponsored rides, sooooo much fun

7. join the WCCC bike club and get a jersey, orders are now being taken for a spring delivery of items

8. get a friend to come bike with you and the chicks

9. buy a GPS, Ellen did! and she loves it

10. Ellen is a good example of a chick who went from casual biking to making it a proirity and she had a great season

LOOK for rides to continue all through the winter, January 1 is a big WCCC ride and lots of fun.

Put it on your calendar, REMEMBER, chicks who ride often get BETTER. You cannot just show up once or twice a season and ride. YOU need to get out and bike and get better. Get your new bike or whatever gear you need to improve.

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