Sunday, October 9, 2011

why bike??

updated my blog finally!! have not posted for awhile as I have been busy with my oldest's son wedding and all that entails....

But Libby is back and still biking. Just this past weekend I threw down 53 miles touring my gorgeous home county - Chester - in the state of PA. My bike club did a ride that took us through countryside that only exits elsewhere in England. Chester County looks a lot like the English countryside with rolling hills, horses, cows and beautiful vistas.

We had a brand new cyclist on our ride. A NEWBIE! I have not ridden with a newbie for a long time but it was such fun to see this guy really enjoying himself and learning a lot in the process.

Course he did what all newbies do - he bought an inexpensive bike. For most folks the thought of dropping several thousands of dollars on a bike is something that they cannot even wrap their brains around. We all have memories of childhood and our little bikes and we think it is the same when you are an adult. You think you would have to be nuts to spend that kind of money on a stupid bike. Cuz what is it other than a seat, wheels, pedal and some gears. Any bike will do as long as it takes me from one place to the next.

But do you use this kind of thinking in any other large purchase your might do. Say buying a new set of golf clubs? Do you go to KMart and buy a little starter set and then hit the links? Well maybe if you were 18 years old.

But if you are an adult with a decent job, and want a LIFELONG hobby that will serve from your twenties all the way through retirement then buy a good bike. Spend time researching bikes. With the Internet it is practically impossible to not be knowledgeable about a large purchase.

Visit many bike stores and just browse. Ask questions. Figure out what size you need and then figure out what you are going to spend. If you want a bike to go around the block with your kids, go to Walmart. If you want a bike that will become a passion, get something good.

Bikes nowdays range in price from $700 to $6000. You want a road bike, not a hybrid. You do not have to buy the top of line road bike, a good starter road bike will do for your first few months. But as soon as you ride with someone on a better bike than your bike and see them flying up and down hills and coasting like there is no tomorrow, your starter bike is going to start looking bad.

Whatever you do, please consider biking as a great recreational activity that you can do alone, with friends and on any road. Once your initial costs are over, you have a piece of equipment that can last years and years.

Happy cycling and see you on the road.

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