Wednesday, October 26, 2011

to PEE or not to PEE, that is the question of the day

You are out on your bike ride with a large group of cyclists. Men and women cruising along enjoying the countryside. The fellows in the group decide it is time for the "pee break". They move off of the road and face the country. Off they go to do what guys do. But lo and behold, their backsides are still visible to those passing by on the road not to mention the women that are along for the ride.

Is this ok? Is this what you would not mind seeing as you pass by in your car or on your bike? If you were driving a car would you do this? With your family in tow, would you pull over and take a wee in front of your family members?? Why not?? or why yes?

If you are miles from a bathroom, ok, use the road but can ya at least get behind a rock! If you are near a bathroom, is it still ok to just turn and drop trow? Is this strictly a guy thing or do women do this as well?

Would it be safe for women to squat and pee right alongside the road? Why or why not? Heck the men do it. Why do women look for porta potties and or a large tree? Are they just more polite, more mature or more what?

If you peed in public in a city or a parking lot or any other place, you would be arrested. Why do men do it so much when cycling? Why cannot they find a gas station or convenience store or at least some woods?

Post as to what you think??

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