Thursday, December 30, 2010

my final rant of 2010

Both my son and I have had spectacular years in biking. Frey biked 10,600 miles and I biked 4500 miles. While Frey is 26 years old, I am 60 years old. Not bad biking for an old lady.

I was out today getting my last 40 miles in to hit the 4500 mark. Saw only one cyclist. Temperature was 40 degrees and the roads still had some water and ice from our snow storm last Sunday. I am sure you heard about the snowstorm in the Northeast especially if you were flying.

Sorry about that. Anyhoo, as I was biking along the roads, many of the shoulders were covered in snow and had a good melt going. I had to bike in the center of the road to avoid some hazards. And it got me thinking.

On December 22 the Philadelphia Inquirer had an opinion piece about policemen and why they don't tickets cyclists for traffic violations. Most readers all agreed. Yeah, give those bums tickets if they run a light or stop sign.

Well if you motorists want us cyclists to ride like cars, then by golly, that is what I am going to do. Today I got right in the middle of the lane when the shoulder hazards demanded it. I rode down the middle of the road where cars where parked on the right to avoid the "door opening hazard". On one road I had to climb a small hill and there was NO shoulder. I got right in the middle of road. Would you believe a car squeezed past me to rush to the red light only to have me pass him as I turned right at the light?

So for 2011, I will ride my bike like a car since this is what the motorists claim they want. I will take the whole lane when it is necessary and at stop lights and stop signs, I plan on sitting in the middle of the lane...just like a car!!!!


Frey Maxim said...

i once got hit straight on by a pickup truck and didn't even fall over

adam said...

I bike in Robinson, PA near Pittsburgh and drivers here are kinda crazy, but I'll get in the lane when space limitations require it. haven't gotten ticketed for running all those red lights, but I will sure use the street like cars do! lol