Friday, December 3, 2010

man oh man oh man

(I did not take this pic, but this is what I saw)

I was out biking today, high 30s and blustery. But the sun was shining and it was a glorious day for biking. I am well suited for cold weather biking, probably the large layer of blubber I carry around helps!!

Anyhooo, while biking I spot a huge grey heron sitting on a log on the Brandywine River. A sight to see. I continue on and come to a spot where I often spot herons and other marvels of nature. I was biking slowly and quietly along the distant pond and I see a large bird sitting atop a huge dead tree. The tree is barren and sitting on top was this large brown bird. I knew it was special. I moved farther up the road and lo and behold, the bird's head is WHITE. I knew it had to be a bald eagle. It finally took off and I could see how large the bird was.

If you bike slow enough and look hard enough, you can indeed spot many a marvelous thing. Today I saw 2 herons and 1 bald eagle.

What did you see today? Did you take the time to notice something new? I hope so.

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