Sunday, August 8, 2010

thanks frey

Frey (free) and a friend

Yesterday I did a 54 mile bike ride, the Dog Daze Ride sponsored by the Brandywine Bike Club of Chester County, PA. It was a long fairly hilly ride but the weather had finally cooled and it was quite nice for a change, no sweat stinging my eyes. Most sponsored rides attract folks ranging from expert to novice. My son , Frey, accompanied me.

I am a good rider but I cannot do the speeds of the faster folks on these rides. Pace lines flew by, old men passed me on the hills and younger women also passed me. We had men go flying by pumping away up the long climbs.

My son can easily out bike anyone on this ride. He is large and strong and one awesome cyclist. He has the stamina of a work horse when he is on a bicycle. But not once in this ride did he ever feel the urge to take off and try and pass anyone. Never once even when the old gray haired guys went by and said, "hey, how ya doing?"

Took me over 4 hours to complete the 54 miles. My son could have done it in half the time. But he choose to ride with me, lucky me:)

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