Tuesday, April 6, 2010

how to get good in biking

My town recently had a bike shop open that promotes computer driven bike training programs. Many folks go to spinning classes in an attempt to increase their biking prowess. I am not convinced any regimented training program does one ounce of good in terms of improving road biking.

I do believe the only way to improve your cycling skills is to get your butt on your bike and go out and bike. Bike slow, bike fast, bike short and bike long, it makes NO difference.

Cycling improves based on your miles, plain and simple. I am a member of a local bike club. Who are the best cyclists in the club? The folks who bike tons and tons of miles.

Why are the C level riders slow? They do not bike much. C riders do not get out as much as A riders. C riders rarely bike through the winter months. Biking a few times a week during good weather will not improve your biking.

Now many of you do not care to improve and that is fine. You are a recreational rider. You enjoy occasional riding. But if you do want to get better and faster, all you have to do is get on your bike and bike.

If you think improvement involves some fancy training program and this is the reason you shy away from it, change your thinking. Just get your bike out and get yourself on it and pedal away. Do 5 miles, do 30 miles, it makes no difference.

Just get out and enjoy. Make the time, it is worth it.

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