Saturday, April 17, 2010

how to get good in biking part 2

passed these darling little animals this morning

It is no secret. You do not need to go to the spinning classes and spin your fanny off. This will not help in road biking. Throw your indoor trainer away. Don't go to some stupid computer driven training class. Waste of time and money.

So what is the secret?? Just do it for pete's sake. All I hear from other folks, I am too busy, I have other stuff to do, funny, the A riders don't seem to have these excuses and they all seem to have jobs and lives.

Just bike, bike slow, bike fast, bike long, bike short. It simply does not matter. I am living proof of that. I am old, almost 60 and have seen probably better days but I am slowly getting better in biking. I am faster, I am stronger and I can finally stand up and pedal uphills with some kind of speed. Remember, I have fallen at least 3x times grinding to a complete halt on a steep hill. So I know what I am talking about.

If I can get better, trust me anybody can. But you have to bike. Take a short spin after work. Take a short spin any time. You do not have to go out and hammer out 30-40 miles each time you ride.


Krista said...

In some cases spinning classes and bike trainers help. When weathers bad they help maintain your level. Its better to spin on a rainy or snowy day than to not do it at all. Of course being outside against the natural elements and hills is by far the best but I disagree in throwing away the idea of indoor cycling completely.

Then again doing it as a main source to reach your road cycling goal is not legit.

Libby Maxim said...

i'm not convinced the indoor stuff does anything to improve outdoor cycling but i am no expert

i have done both activities and feel the outdoor cycling is an activity that is hard to duplicate inside

Anonymous said...

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