Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Make plans now to bike through the winter

Yes, I said bike through the winter. Now I will not bike in snow or wet conditions but cold weather should not stop you from biking.

Why sit on a spinning bike during the winter PRETENDING you are biking??

What do you need to bike in cold weather? Get winter gear and have a great winter sport. Skiing too expensive?? you can assemble a winter outfit for  $200  or so if you look for sales.

1. Good gloves- approx $20

2. Shoe covers- I just got a nice pair at Terry Cycles, $30

3. Thick socks- got mine at Performance, I have one pair $10

4. Head band to cover ears and a helmet liner-also got these at Performance, I have one head band and one head cover $20

5. Long pants- I have two pairs, one for temps from 45 - 60 degrees and one pair for under 40 degrees - one pair around $60

6. Undergarments - I have one long sleeve and one sleeveless polypropylene top, easy found at Target or Wall Mart $30

7. Gore Windstopper Outer shell jacket, in a bright color, I also got this at Performance on sale for $50, shop around, Performance always has something on sale  

Shadows and light are different in the winter, wear bright yellow or orange or lime green jackets or tops, make sure to have a good light on bike, both red back light and white front light.

I have posted many options for you to choose from. Look for sales on the Net for  your gear. 

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