Tuesday, July 21, 2015

hey buddy learn how to shift gears

This past Sunday I was following a fellow biker on a long flat road, he passed me and then I caught up to him. I noticed he was pedaling very fast. I wondered how he accomplished this in his higher gears which would have been appropriate for the road we were on. I just assumed he was pedaling along in the big chain ring upfront (50-52) and a middle cog in back. But I pedaled up close and saw he was using his largest chain ring upfront and his largest cog in the back. Probably the worst gear to bike in. Chain stretched across the cog in back.

This fellow needed to drop his back gear for the betterment of his chain.  Or else if he finds the big chain ring and middle cog in back is just too hard,  I would suggest he try the triple crank. The fellow was an older cyclist like myself and would be greatly served if he had some more options with his chain rings and cog.

We spend a lot of money on bikes with many gear options, if yours does not suit you, change it. Make your cycling more fun by having gears appropriate for your skill level and or age or both.

Biking is a great sport but consider finding a bike with the gearing that matches your skill and age. Many folks prefer the compact crank and this is a good option but if you find this crank is not meeting your needs do some research and talk to your bike mechanic.


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