Tuesday, January 17, 2012


HERE in Philadelphia we cannot stop killing each other. Everyday there is a story about the senseless death of a young person. This past weekend a young man was brutally beaten to death when he interacted with strangers in a passing car. A quick use of the "f" bomb and three men jumped out of a car and beat to death a 23 year old man.

What does this have to do with cycling? Plenty! I hear stories from fellow cyclists that go something like this; this da**m guy in a pick up truck, who does he think he is, or some guy in a big SUV buzzed me, I gave that jerk the finger to show him and it goes on and on.

SO RULE NUMBER ONE for cyclists - Never interact with a motorist. Never give a motorist the finger. Never try to make a point with a motorist. Their car is bigger than your bike. Their car may have a loaded gun in it.

And please stop making assumptions about the folks in the cars or trucks that pass you. You have no idea what is going on in that person's life or day and to make assumptions about the drivers of these cars is plain arrogant.

When you bike, go out and enjoy yourself. If an unruly driver is coming, pull over and let him or her pass. Don't try to make a point. As it might get you killed.

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