Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bike Rant to parents with kids on bikes

no, I did not see Obama but I saw a dad just like him above

I was heading out today for a nice bike ride. To get to my ride I have to go through my small hometown. I see waiting at a red light, a father on his bike, and his daughter on her bike.

How nice I think. EXCEPT the dad did not have a helmet. What is the thinking that goes into this decision?? Dad won't fall, only need to protect daughter as she is most likely to fall.

So how safe and protected in his daughter when this dad falls and is knocked unconscious?? What is the daughter going to do now??

I have seen this parent-no helmet/child-helmet combination many times. Once I saw a mother alone on a large bike trail with 2 kids, they had helmets, she did not. I did stop and ask her what her kids would do if she fell and was unconscious?

Come on parents. Put the helmet on and go over some safety with your child. Carry a cell phone and make sure the daughter or child with you knows what to do in an emergency.


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