Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Value of a Back-Up Plan a.k.a BUP

Well four of us braved the iffy weather and did 30 miles, camera battery was out so no pics today.

We did very well and the rain started on our ascent up rt 842

We made it into boro but once we hit the lot, the skies opened.

I still had to bike home and about 4 blocks from home got a flat.

Hence the purpose of this post, I needed my back up plan.

Called hubby and he came and got me. Now this was a brand new tire, Kevlar and this is not supposed to happen, going BACK to Victor at Hot Foot

and ask him

"hey, whattsup with this flat tire???"

So always have a back up plan, I coulda walked home but it was pouring cats and dogs and my shoes were slipping.

So I cashed in on the backup plan now to be known as the BUP.

Make sure you have your BUP.

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